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TASL Organization Participation/Membership Application

Applicants must have a minimum of 2 teams to declare and must provide at least 1 field for every 5 teams being declared (6 teams would require 2 fields, etc..). Furthermore, applicants understand that:

TASL Board of Directors and Voting Member clubs reserve the right to Deny any application, require organizations to participate by being sponsored through a Voting Member club, Approve Associate Member Participation, Extend the length of time an applicant may remain an Associate Member, and/or Approve applications for Voting Member Status.

If the request for participation is accepted, organizations will participate as an Associate Member (non-voting) for at least the 1st full year (2 consecutive seasons) of participation. At the conclusion of the 2nd season of participation the applicant organization, upon request, will be reviewed, by the TASL Board of Directors (BOD) and Voting Member Clubs, for full Voting Member status.

Applicants may withdraw their request for Voting Member status at any t i m e up until 48 hours prior to the vote and may request to maintain their status as an Associate Member. All applicants will be notified of their Voting Member status after the TASL BOD and Voting Members meet to discuss all such applications.

Applicant Organizations understand that teams declared are Advanced/Recreational teams. As such all players must be carded as Advanced/Recreational players. TASL does not currently allow organizations to submit Travel (Select level of play) carded teams for play in the Advanced/Recreational structure TASL has established.

TASL is governed by two guiding documents- 1) these policies, procedures and guidelines herein outlined and 2) TASL Rules. These documents apply to all member and participating organizations (including those being sponsored) and their players, coaches, team and club officials as well as parents, spectators and others associated with the member. Lack of knowledge of these Rules and Procedures will not relieve any coach, team official, parent or player of a team participating in TASL, or seeking entry into TASL, from the responsibilities and possible penalties contained herein. ALL CLUBS, TEAM OFFICIALS, PARENTS AND PLAYERS, BY PARTICIPATING IN TASL PLAY, AGREE THAT THEY ARE BOUND BY THESE RULES. ALL Sanctioning Documents and specific rules and regulations included therein also apply to all members participating always.

Checklist- to be include with application:

-Copy Certificate of Liability Insurance (pending status acceptable)

-Current proof of member in good standing form

-Club Logo for TASL Website