Hello, TASL Coaches, Parents and Players in the U9-U12 Age Group.

We wanted to take a moment as the league to communicate some new rules that you will see for your first games on Saturday 9/9.

Although we are all in agreement that change can be scary, the TASL leadership feels like these new Small-Sided Initiatives by US Soccer will aid in player development and make our players stronger.

We have summarized the rules as follows:

U9-U12 Modified Playing Rules

o   U9 and U10 Age Groups

  • No heading of any kind is allowed.
  • No Punting or drop kicks allowed.
  • “Build Out Lines” for restarts by the Keeper or Goal Kicks will be in use.
  • Offsides will be called.
  • Single or one man Referee system will be used.

o   U11 and U12 Age Groups

  • No heading of any kind is allowed.
  • Offsides will be called in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game.
  • A three man Referee system will be used.

View all updated rules here.

For some of you, this might already be too much information with terminology that is new to you and your players.

Here are some helpful links and small video clips that I found useful in trying to understand it all:

We urge you to be flexible in first weeks of the season as we roll out these new rules and we allow our referees to full understand and uphold them. In addition, if you have ANY questions about these rules, a great resource you can always count on is your TASL Club Representative.

Thanks again for being a member of our TASL Family!

We look forward to a positive and production Fall Season,

Tina Lowry

TASL President